Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 3 - June 16th, 2010 Cody, WY to Big Timber, MT

We're already recognizing its tough keeping up on each day's travel blog because the days seem to go by faster than a person can find time to type.  And frequently when the typing is done, there's no internet connection.  But, we will get this done even if it gets finished at home!
   Day 3 would prove to be interesting from a scenery and weather standpoint.  Started with a wet tent in Cody, WY and headed north towards Montana. 

Chief Joseph Highway was one of the most scenic highways I've ever driven.  Highly recommended.

Road goes to near an east entrance to Yellowstone National Park and a turn off that highway took us over Beartooth Pass and into MT.  Weather definitely got colder as the pass approached.  Enough snow near the pass for a few people to even be snow skiing.  Took several pictures of Tammy next toa tall roadway snow cuts near the pass, some over ten feet taller than her!

   Weather in MT became rain, and then rain in a long construction zone as we approached I-90.  Stopped for a warm-up coffee at an I-90 McDonald's.  Guess what, within minutes it was a full blown hail storm with 1/2" hail.  Actually broke the right front turn signal housing on the Suzuki.

   Once it was just raining, we decided to head west on the interstate.  After about 60 miles of rain, we saw a Super 8 and decided to call it a day.  Wind had really picked up and camping seemed not a good choice so a Super 8 in Big Timber, MT was our lodging for the night.  A welcome relief but certainly not our intended destination of western Montana for the day.

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