Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 5 - June 18th, 2010 Big Timber, MT to Fort Macleod, AB

Today was a day to make up some lost miles.  We were skipping western Montana including Missoula, Flathead Lake, and, most importantly, pizza at Moose's Saloon in Kalispell.  Goal was to make it into Canada but the weather is still not cooperatinging in the morning with strong winds from the west.  Bikes must be severely leaned tp the left just to go staight down the road.  Plus there's deer everywhere north of Big Timber.

Rained on and off all day so very few pictures.  Crossing into Canada was quick and painless.  Only questions were "What was our home town? and How long would we be in Canada?"  After a quick stop at the Alberta visitors' center to buy a map of Alberta, we headed out thru continued rain.  Decided to head west towards the Canadian Rockies after entering Canada and try to miss Calgary's traffic.  Approaching the Canadian Rockies was spectacular.  However, the Macleod area had some major flooding going on.

Long hard day in the saddle resulted in quickly falling to sleep that night.  Tomorrow would be less hectic as we would finally become true tourists.

Was easy to switch our thinking to metric for speeds and purchases but Tammy reset her odometer to read in metric anyway.  That most likely saved us a speeding ticket later as I tend to round up.

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