Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 25 - July 8th, 2010 Homer, AK to Sutton, AK

Today our intent was to ride north away from the Alaska coast and fine some warmer and drier weather.  General direction would be north thru Anchorage retracing our route down the peninsula and then northeast towards Glennallen so we could head south to Valdez the next day.

On the ride up the peninsula, we would pass the town of Hope.  We learned that evening that three young mountain bikers were attacked by a mother grizzly near Hope that afternoon.  Seemed they were biking and got between the mother and the cubs.  One person was clawed and chewed up pretty good before bear spray chased the bear away.

As usual, we managed to get lost going thru Anchorage.  They simply don't understand maintaining route continuity signage thru congested areas.  Headed in a generally NE direction and found the road leaving town just at rush hour.  After being in more remote locations of the state, traffic congestion is not enjoyable.
Rode up the Glenn Highway about 80 miles past Anchorage, saw a neat campground with a restaurant, and called it a day.  I think we were both tired from the blustery, wet weather in Homer and found this campground setting peaceful and relaxing.  Owners were very friendly and interesting to talk to.
Owners had relocated from the lower 48 because they loved Alaska's laid back life style.  They were raising chickens, goats, lamas, pigs, etc on their Alaska farm.  Also were bringing back farm machinery from the lower 48 to display.  I remembered using some of this farm equipment as a kid.
All kinds of ducks and geese around the farm.  Seemed to have their own individual groups and you certainly needed to watch where you stepped.  Didn't enjoy them as much in the morning when they decided it was time for us to get up.  Loud and obnoxious.
These two cute little goats kept us entertained and laughing for quite some time.
At breakfast, the campground owner joined us with his coffee.  When he found out I grew up on an Iowa farm, he wanted to know if we raised pigs.  When I responded positively, he asked if I knew how to perform a certain operation on young male pigs.  Again, I replied positively.  Then he invited me to join him after breakfast at his pig house where ten male pigs awaited their fate.  I passed.

Fun place to stay.

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