Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 24 - July 7th, 2010 Seward, AK to Homer, AK

This was a leg of the trip I was really looking forward to.  Homer has a very touristy feel about the town, especially out on the Spit.  Homer is located at the far southern end of the Kenai Peninsula and the Spit is an extension of land about 400 wide and over two miles long into the bay.  The Spit is loaded with restaurants, shops, flight-seeing tours, one bar, and a very active fishing community.  Its known as the halibut fishing capital of the world.
But again the weather decided to not cooperate.  Rain was continual and the temps struggled to get in the 50's.  Not what we had hoped for.  Did decide to camp on the Spit.  Motel rooms here average well over $200 per night.  Not sure Tammy was excited about this camp setup.  Plus, she announced that her thermorest sleep pad no longer held air!  Probably the low point of the trip for tammy.

We did walk nearly the length of the Spit visiting shops, coffee stops, and restaurants.  In hind sight, we should have taken a day long boat tour to Seldovia or a whale sighting tour.  Either would have been just as warm and certainly more pleasant.  Local bar, the Salty Dawg Saloon, was so crowded because of the rain that another person could not fit in.  This picture was taken before it opened.  Yes, the building is a little short.

We did see a few Harley riders that remained from the 4th of July celebration that ended the Hoka Hey motorcycle ride from Key West, FL.  A crusty but tough bunch.  The event was to pay $500,000 to the first rider on an air-cooled HD that could ride the distance.  Route they were required to take was over 7,000 miles.  Most questioned if the winner really would ever see the prize.

Ironically, our campground attendent was the Zero motorcycle dealer for all of Alaska.  These are totally electric motorcycles with cruising ranges of about 80 miles per charge.  Cost to operate is less than $0.01 per mile.  Obviously that does not include the initial $7,000 purchase price though.

The fishing industry is huge out of Homer.  Commercial fisherman leave from  here for weeks at a time.  There was even a memorial on the Spit to the hundreds of fishermen who have lost their lives while out on the ocean.  Fish were being cleaned at several locations on the Spit.  Seemed to be a lot of college students doing this as a summer job.

To bed early with the intent to leave this soggy environment as soon as we woke in the morning.

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