Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 9 - June 22nd, 2010 Testa River Outfitters to Watson Lake, YT

Today's scenery, Testa River to Watson Lake, would be a combination of ongoing road repairs, long stretches of forested roadway, and frequent turquoise colored lakes.  We would also enter Canada's Yukon Territory for the first time and see Watson Lake's sign post park. 

Rode next to Muncho Lake for miles and never did see a boat on the lake.  Seems to be more lakes up here than fishermen.

Road repairs on the highway are an on-going thing every summer on the Alaska Highway.  We talked to several construction workers who were on the road all summer just doing these repair patches.  Frost heaves would be scrapped off with a blade, base material removed to create a new, deeper base, and a combination of gravel and calcium chloride compacted back in.  Finally, a sharp chip seal rock was placed on top with the intent of the motoring public compacting the road.  Some sections had loose rock chips 2 inches deep on top.  Not Tammy's favorite road surface.  However, signage and flagging warning us of upcoming loose gravel was good.

Saw our first of several free roaming buffalo along the road today.  They simply ignore the traffic but would frequently roam across the road in front of us.  It was the single, free roaming bulls that intimidated us motorcyclists the most.
Stopped at the Liard River Hot Springs but did not take the time for a soak.  Plenty of mosquitos here plus a super strong sulfur smell.  Saw this trailer in the parking lot of the hot springs.  Would see it again later on the Alaska Hwy with a broken axle.   Go figure.

Watson Lake's sign post park was impressive.  I forget the number of posted signs but its something like 60,000.  City continually puts up new posts for the public and mows the walkways between the signs.  Next time I'm bringing a Lake Okoboji, IA sign.  The information center here has a great display with many photos, displays, and facts regarding construction of the Alaska Highway.  Well worth the stop.

Camped twenty miles west of Watson Lake at the intersection with the Hwy 37/Cassiar Highway.  We planned to travel down thru British Columbia on this "highway" after leaving AK in a month.  Great campground with a super friendly host..

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