Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 36 - July 19th Butte, MT to Broadus, MT

Today was a day of interstate buzzing.  This is the cruelest way to travel on a motorcycle because you just sit there, crank the throttle open, and stare straight ahead.  No shifting, leaning, accelerating, or even braking.  But it does put some miles on the odometer.  Gas mileage does drop at these speeds though.

Today our only stop of significance was at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.  The National Park Service has done an excellent job of recreating what led up to this battle and how Custer's men were simply out numbered that day.  Displays give equal billing to each side and recognizes that countless men on each side lost their lives on this hillside that day.

After watching a movie regarding the Indian wars and the reasons for them, we walked up the hill to the final battlefield.  Quiet and eerie, not unlike the area around the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, DC.  Custer's men actually shot 35 of their own horses just to hide behind as the Indians surrounded them and continually attacked. 
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument where most of the soldiers are now buried.
There was also a National Cemetery on the grounds where soldiers and their family members were buried from many of the Indian Wars to the west.

Camped at a farmstead setting campground just west of Broadus on Hwy 212.  Had three Harley riders a couple sites away from us come home after a night of drinking.  Enjoyed listening to their disjointed conversation thru our thin tent walls.  Manly topics such as guns, women, and vasectomies!

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