Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 28 - July 11th, 2010 Tok, AK to Haines Junction, YT

We took full advantage of our dry, warm motel and slept in.  The days had turned into a true "road-trip" in the last week.  Almost seemed like a job (from what I remember) to have to get on the bike and ride each day.  But then I'd talk to someone who had to be home by a certain date to go to work and I felt better.

Would leave Alaska today and re-enter the Canadian Yukon Territories.  We'd go back into Alaska twice more on this trip as we headed south so the passports were kept handy.  It certainly was easier to enter Canada than the US.  The US always asked more questions and took more time to check computer records.  That's actually a good thing.

We were again on the Alaska Highway and when we reached the border we had to take pictures both directions welcoming us to Alaska and the Yukon.  We'd entered AK the first time on the Taylor/Top of the World Highway which is essentially a back gravel road entrance with border guards present.  Turns out, the Taylor Highway had washed out in several places within the last week with a few motorists stranded between washouts for days.  It would take over two weeks to re-open this highway we would learn.  The detour route around from Tok to Dawson is thru Whitehorse and nearly 500 miles.

Stopped in Beaver Creek, YT for gas and a quick lunch after crossing the border.  Road thru this area is the worse of the Alaska Highway with frost heaves that would bounce your butt off the bike seat.  Frost heaves were both longitudinal and transverse and frequently both.  Trip past Destruction Bay was uneventful compared to 2006 when I saw a grizzly with cubs in the ditch and broke my windshield due to high winds.  Day was actually dry and enjoyable; you just had to take your time with the road conditions.  Several long construction zones always kept Tammy alert.
Made the decision to stop in Haines Jct for the night which gave us a short 250 mile day in the saddle.  Had hoped to make Haines but the late start and poor road conditions slowed us.  Was not aware of any campgrounds between Haines Jct and Haines, about 90 miles, either.  Turned out this was a good decision.

Haines Jct is a nothing town that just caters to passing travelers.  A few campgrounds, a few restaurants, and two gas stations and its a town on the map.  Had Chinese food that was not that good.  For desert, we simply shot some pool rather than risk more poor food.  Did eat junk food back at the campground while we were on the internet.  HJ area was actually dry and needed some rain.  Couldn't believe we didn't bring some with us.

The Suzuki is not running well.  Has a bad engine vibration/stutter around 3,000 rpm that really shakes the bike, especially when accelerating.  Fuel mileage remains in the 45 to 50 mpg so no complaints there.  Will have to figure this problem out when we return home.

  Tammy's Versys would require a chain adjustment but other than that it just purred along.  Very pleased and impressed with that bike.  Numerous people commented that they had never seen a Versys before.

Campground was good.

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