Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 19 to 21 - July 2nd to 4th, 2010 Fairbanks, AK to Chena Hot Springs, AK

Picture of the comfy dorm we stayed at in Fairbanks.  Didn't realize students had it so good.

The next three days would be pretty laid back.. I guess a little rest from the Haul Road but also an attempt to avoid the crowds over the 4th of July weekend.  We drove the 60 miles from Fairbanks east to Chena Hot Springs.  Saw numerous deer along the roadway and one rather large moose.  Hot springs was OK, nothing special.  Campground was poor.

No pictures were taken of the hot springs but then not a lot of good scenery either.  Ate too much at the only restaurant there, enjoyed the local micro brews, took a tour of how they converted the hot springs 165 degree water into electricity, and did some hiking (with bear spray of course).

 The two high points were coming upon a cow moose feeding in a lake and later taking the ice museum tour.  A married couple with numerous world titles in ice carvings ran the museum.  The ice museum had a bar, bed rooms, wedding chapel that had been used over 100 times, sculptures of horses, eagles, Sarah Palin, etc.  Very well done.

The moose.

My cell phone starting receiving 15 to 20 of the same text messages so I called Verizon.  Had to use Tammy's cell and mine at the same time to coordinate with Verizon.  Turns out they couldn't fix the phone  while I was roaming so they locked the phone until I could call them when back in the states.  Oh well, Tammy's phone still worked.

A 1959 Polaris snowmobile! 

Certainly ready to head south after three days here.

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