Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 12 - June 25th, 2010 Dawson City to Dawson City

That's right, we're not even riding the motorcycles today.  Well, we did ride the bikes "downtown" to be in the official midnight D2D picture but probably a total of one mile put on each bike today.

We're attending the Dust to Dawson "Rally" in Dawson City, YT for motorcycle riders from across the world.  Riders from Europe, New Zealand, Australia, eastern Canada, and all across the USA were present.  Largest contingency was from the Anchorage area.  What an eccentric group and to think we actually chose to join and be part of them.  Must say something about us; I'm just not sure what.  Great group of people to share stories with!

Spent the morning exploring the town.  Most of the buildings still standing are on the National Historic Register and do have a long history with the gold rush and subsequent intent to remain a viable town.  The area has done a good job of maintaining and documenting the past including old river boats, pictorial exhibits, and old dredging machinery.  Pictures show paddle boats lining the river front fighting for space to unload supplies and passengers.

 Most of the motorcycles at the rally looked "mature".  Just to walk the streets and realize the motorcycle you were looking at had crossed countries like Moracco, Argentina, Central America, Australia, or Europe made each more interesting.  The banquet was sold out at 125 dinners with over 50 people turned away because of space limitations.  Excellent steak dinner, good stories and we both won door prizes.
At 9 PM, the street motorcycle games began with a slow race, cone race, ball drop, blind rider tail-on-the-donkey type event, and a hot dog biting contest.  Good humor with few crashes.  Excellent, high dollar prizes for the winners.
Goal was to stop with the front wheel on the orange pie plate (under the rider's right foot in this case).

At midnight, which was full daylight, the official 2010 Dust to Dawson Rally stickers were handed out to everyone present on Main Street with their motorcycle.  The official D2D photo was then taken.  Fun times with all our new best buddies.

Tammy surprised me by wearing a dress to the banquet and games.  Only dress on main street.  As it cooled off, she also wore the AMA Superbike jersey she won at the banquet for warmth.   Then to bed and up early for our day of finally riding into Alaska.

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